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AromaBox™ Philosophy




To honor, acknowledge, mark or observe a notable event

For the Aroma lover, the unique focus and functionality of AromaBox™ is an unparalleled celebration and opportunity to honor the power of scent through beautiful, useful and distinct products that empower artisans, create and maintain jobs, and support small and local business.


To show, prove or become evident

The part of our intention to uplift and celebrate artisans and small businesses will become evident when, every other month, you receive a box filled with a selection of sample and full-sized aromatherapy, beauty, lifestyle, and wellness products crafted or curated by our AromaGirls™.


Resume, re-establish, give fresh life or strength to 

Experiencing aroma through products created by individuals who find passion, strength, and connection to our beautiful aromatic world and use their craft to strengthen old, or create new, favorite scent memories.


Find, become aware of, or first observe something

Through the physical and intentional manifestation of the AromaBox™, we believe we can promote discovery, self-love and self-care, and strive to be a part of that journey with each and every one of you.


Aim, plan or process toward something

AromaGirls™ believe that being part of a family, group or community involves sharing with, and service to, others. It is our intention to find a way to honor and give back to the aromatic community.

An Experience, Delivered!

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