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My AromaBox Product Spotlight: Gigi’s House RT Wonder Blend

by | Oct 8, 2018 | AromaBox™, Aromatherapy

RT Wonder Essential Oil Blend, 5 ml Undiluted
Gigi’s House

Description directly from Gigi’s House website and used with permission:
“AromaBox R.T. Wonder (Respiratory Tract Wonder) was born to roam the respiratory system, he prefers to travel aromatically via diffuser, nasal inhaler, or steam inhalation. Ever dapper, R.T. always wears his signature blue scarf.

He’s strong and bold, a rugged, get the job done, sort of guy. AromaBox R.T. Wonder also has a soft side. He loves to begin his journey traveling up the nasal canal. He loves to travel up both sides. From there he takes a bit of time exploring the sinus cavities. From there he likes to go down through the pharynx and the larynx. You’ll find R.T. Wonder meandering down the trachea and swinging through the bronchial tree. He follows the branches to the left and the branches to the right. He loves to squirrel down through, all the way to the alveoli. Throughout his journeys, Wonder is gently traversing the terrain. As he kills off the invading tribes from Respiratory Land, he is guarding, protecting, and restoring the terrain all along the way.”

Gigi, Gloria Gregg, is a retired registered nurse, mother, grandmother, and certified aromatherapist. Gigi’s House carries aromatherapy products, supplies and essential oils.

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