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An Experience, Delivered™

Bi-Monthly Subscription Box

Explore aromas from around the world, discover remarkable makers, and treat yourself to beautiful, distinct products delivered directly to your door

What is aromabox?

AromaBox™ is an inspired collection of handpicked aromatherapy, skin care, and lifestyle products delivered to your door every eight weeks. For the Aroma lover, the unique focus and functionality of this box is an unparalleled celebration and opportunity to experience new brands.

No Contract ~ Skip a Box ~ Cancel Anytime

how does it work?


Subscribe and receive your AromaBox every other month directly to your door.


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Open your box when it arrives and experience the incredible work of small business artisans.

We bring together an amazing team of makers and small business entrepreneurs from the United States and around the world to share their love, expertise, and experience with aromatics through a carefully considered selection of unique products.

Supporting Small business is important to us

In each AromaBox™, you will receive:

  • Five full-sized aromatherapy, skin care, wellness and/or lifestyle products
  • A meticulously curated selection of at least 2 quality product samples
  • Products from a diverse selection of small business entrepreneurs and artisans
  • Content insert and a selection of special offers and discount codes

Boxes Per Year

Small Businesses

Unique Products

Boxes Shipped

Why we are different

We choose one essential oil and take one tenet of our Philosophy to create a theme with each subscription cycle and build a box we believe you will love.

We aim to deliver an inspired aromatic experience that is as functional as it is unique, so that you will receive high quality, beautiful, and distinct aromatherapy, skin care, lifestyle and wellness products every time you open your box!

And we do this by featuring exceptional, interesting, and unique small businesses!

An experience, Delivered

Each AromaBox™ is an exclusive collection available to a limited number of subscribers during the subscription cycle. While we sometimes include limited edition products, most of the products we feature can be purchased again directly from the small businesses we highlight.

Meet the makers, follow the links and enjoy our unique finds over and over again.

Our Philosophy

Our words and actions frame our relationships just as much as our intentions do.


To honor, acknowledge, mark or observe a notable event

The unique focus and functionality of AromaBox™ is an unparalleled celebration of aroma and an opportunity to experience aromatics through beautiful, useful and distinct products that empower artisans, create and maintain jobs, and support small and local business.


To show, prove or become evident

The physical realization of our intention to uplift and celebrate artisans and small businesses manifests with each box as we highlight, support and uplift our contributors by sharing them with all of you.


Resume, re-establish, give fresh life or strength to 

Experiencing aroma through products created by individuals who find passion, strength, and connection to our beautiful aromatic world and daily use their craft to strengthen old, or create new, and favorite scent memories.


Find, become aware of, or first observe something

Through the physical and intentional realization of each AromaBox™, we hope to promote self-discovery, self-love, and self-care, and are honored to be a small part of that journey with each and every subscriber.


Aim, plan or process toward something

We strongly believe that being part of a family, group or community involves sharing with, and service to, others. It is our intention to honor and give back to the aromatic community one new business, one product, one scent at a time.

Start your subscription today!

From Our Subscribers
Words can inspire and leave a lasting impression.
“As an aromatherapist myself, I wasn’t sure if I “needed” to get a subscription box. Oh boy am I ever glad I did. The two owners of this fabulous box are nothing short of amazing. It is a true testament to their character that so many amazing vendors want to take part in their business. Each box is not only full of high quality products, but every little detail is masterfully crafted and visually appealing. I honestly don’t know why they don’t charge more. It’s a steal!”
Amy E.

“I received my box today! Wow! I was like a kid in a candy store. Lots of fantastic products and offerings. Everything smells soooo good. Can’t wait to use all my awesome goodies. Thanks for such a fun first box. So glad I purchased as it’s totally worth my money.”
Joan S.

“My absolute favorite subscription box ever!!! I am so impressed with the full size products and the amount of extras in each box. Thank you, AromaGirls!!!”
Carol S.

“Just got today!! In heaven! So many beautiful products and gifts!! Thanks so much Ladies!!”
Sara C.

“I think subscribing to the Aroma Box early on is truly one of the best life decisions I’ve made. Each of the boxes has been so carefully curated with such thoughtful and delightful products at such bargain economy. It’s really a generous offering from all you lovely small business people! Thank you sooooooooooo much for doing this for your customers!”
Akshara S.

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